Granny Franny’s big red bus

Granny Franny is always surprising her grand children, Ronni & Jax with sensational stories and surprise days out. One day she decides to do something super special for their birthday. She buys a big red bus to take them on a magical mystery tour of London; what she’s forgotten is that she can’t actually drive a bus. She then meets Thinkerbell, the talking bus bell, and everything changes. Then it starts to rain … a lot. This children’s picture book is inspired by real life events when the author, Sonia Beldom, saved up for bus driving lessons and passed her bus drivers test so that she could drive old London buses around London’s landmarks. In her spare time from being a TV producer and executive coach Sonia often drives tourists, brides and party-goers in and around London. When the Coronavirus lockdown closed down all private hire of old London buses, she decided to write this book to help raise funds for bus-related charities. This is a book about the unbreakable bonds between grand parents and grand children. It’s about being kind, adventurous, brave and learning new things. This first story introduced Granny Franny, her grand children Ronni and Jax and Thinkerbell the talking bus bell. It’s the story of how Granny Franny first bought her bus and is the first in a series of adventures that takes everyone in the family on incredible adventures at home, overseas and maybe even to the moon.

My seven year old really enjoyed looking at this book with her younger cousin who is 2. We loved the engaging lively story, bright illustrations and they were definitely captivated by the characters.

Will definitely be looking at more titles by this author and would recommend to all. Transport is always such a popular theme for little ones and it really did keep them entertained. It’s available on amazon, we would give it a 5/5 rating.

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