When The World is Loud

Mortal fools is a multi-award winning theatre, drama and creative learning charity based in Northumberland working across the North of England. When The World is Loud launches on Monday 24th August and is an audio experience to help drown out the noise of the modern world. It takes listeners on a journey of discovery, escape and hope for the future, relevant themes indeed in these troubling times. It features a creative narrative and takes listeners on a reflective journey featuring the real-life voices of young people and communities from across the North East. Starting somewhere familiar, simple instructions will take the listener around spots in their chosen location where they can pause to listen to original scenes and stories accompanied by original music and a soundscape. The company are well know for producing bold contemporary theatre co-created with young people and professional artists, however this project was new territory. This piece was co-created with 30 young people and 10 professional artists across the region,working on everything from the idea conception and devising the recording and launching the final piece. They engaged the expertise of professional sound designers Mark Melville and Matthew Tuckey to develop a high-quality audio experience that is a feast for the senses for the listener and provides an interesting learning experience for both the young people and artists working on it. Anybody, any age can listen to When The World is Loud, all you need is a smartphone and headphones. The audio theatre experience works in rural, urban and stay-at-home settings too. It’s also free to listen to but Mortal Fools, a registered charity are inviting donations to further support their work with children and young people. You can listen directly from the Mortal Fools website and it is also available to stream on Spotify, Apple and Podbean just search for the title (When The World is Loud) there is also a helpful how-to-guide on the Mortal Fools website.

The inspiration for the piece came from 2020’s challenging and changing landscape and the team wanted to create a high quality audio theatre experience that gives a space for individuals to reflect on their thoughts, feelings and experiences of the world right now, whilst celebrating the community and reminding folks of the things we have to be thankful for. It lasts around 70 minutes and listeners are encouraged to take time out of their busy schedules and escape on a journey with Mortal Fools. The experience is better for older children, teens and adults as a guideline and can be facilitated with 8+ age group alongside a parent. It’s best to fully take some time to be immersed in the piece ratherr than dip in and out of it like a podcast etc. For more information visit:



Mortal Fools would also love their listeners to share their experience and photos listening in your chosen location. You can also share you thoughts, comments, feedback and pictures via their social channels, @MortalFoolsUK and using the hashtag #WTWIL

Thanks to the Culture Vulture for allowing us to be part of this and letting us know all about this exciting project, can’t wait to have a listen this week and will pop my review on here when I do!

Update: the whole experience was brilliant and myself and my daughter loved taking part. It came at a time when both of us are anxious in our own ways about the impending start of school that has suddenly crept up on us after so long together at home. This time has not been without its challenges for parents and kids alike but it was such a strange but wonderful time, i’m already remembering it through rose-tinted specs and worrying that i’m somehow letting my children be away from me at a dangerous time. The rational adult tells myself that this is not the case and that they are best off being with their friends but its still daunting. This is why this experience came at just the right time for us both. We shut the front room door, we told the others in the house that we needed some peace and not to disturb us for the time it took to gather cushions, find our comfy place (hers in a make shift den using chairs and a sheet, mine underneath a blanket on the sofa) and we switched off for the time it took to listen to a soothing voice and relax……. off we floated and reflected on what has been and what will be. To hear someone telling us that it would all be OK, and that people are good even though all the news seems to be negative and full of hate was what I most definitely needed to hear (i don’t think i realise how much) recently i have spent so much time trying to defend against hateful comments on social media and i felt pretty exhausted with it. There seemed to be so much of it about it was so mentally draining and frustrating. I felt that all was not as catastrophic as i feared and that actually there are some pretty uplifting and great things going on to help make the world a better place, so thanks Mortal Fools for helping restore my faith a little and helping me bond with my daughter over our combined anxiety. Everyone should try it i reckon, you won’t be disappointed.

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