Summer staycations

Storm the castle!

So who here is tremendously excited about escaping the house after months of being locked down?! Me me me! 2020 has not been the best year for UK travel blogging and we have lost count of the stays we have had cancelled so far, but i’m not giving up hope and there are still some places we have visited and this weekend we spent a gorgeous, if not a little wet weekend in the beautiful Northumberland. We have loved taking lots of photos and vids of such a stunning place in the world and sharing our experiences of the village of Wooler, Matfen hall and Bamburgh castle hurrah! I’m sure quite a few of you can relate to booking a staycation in the UK and there have been record sales of camping equipment, glamping pods, hotel bookings amongst other things. It seems we have all gone staycation crazy! And who can blame us, many have been juggling child care, work from home, home schooling and other sorts of madness and we are all keen to keep the UK ticking over and putting some of our cash into supporting places as they get back on their feet post covid.

Making sure everyone is happy is key! We always find that happy kids make happy parents and that most problems are solved by food or eliminating boredom. We also pack lots of games and a few books for evenings when everyone is tired and chilling in the hotel room. This just gives tired parents a bit of respite and we keep our fingers crossed that everyone will have a peaceful nights sleep after a busy day!

So what do I think are the key things needed for a successful UK staycation?

  1. Be prepared for any weather eventuality! Anyone who lives here knows that us Brits never can rely on the weather and even though the forecast may predict you’re in for a scorcher of a time, this doesn’t mean you are! Always pack your waterproofs so you can still have fun whatever the elements throw at you! My cosy down jacket from Tog 24 is my absolute fave and my super warm hoodie to keep the chills out if it isn’t pouring!
  2. Do your research/ budget! I often read blogs about places so I can plan a trip here and there and book in for meals if needed, anyone with a family knows that hot, bored children does not a great holiday make, so planning meal times and time scales helps!
  3. Pick a destination with something for everyone, beaches, museums, castles and always pencil in a bit of relaxation time to take in all the sights!
  4. Take loads of photographs! We love taking in the scenery and taking some great content for our channels! A good pair of walking boots makes walking a breeze (blister free zone!) I adore mine and they are great quality.
  5. Take a walk on the wild side and try and go for alternate choices to the tourist trail for a more unique time. We love to try and have a beach to ourselves, or find a local eaterie serving the type of meals the locals treasure. It makes you feel you’ve really experienced the place!
These boots were made for walking!

Tiring the kids out is always the key aim of every day on a staycation!

We are so lucky to be working with some great businesses who allow us to stay with them and always keep warm and cosy with our Tog 24 clothing which we are kindly gifted. With our great gear we are always ready for any weather and love representing this fabulous British brand native of our beloved Yorkshire.

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