Masked crusaders!

So we are in the summer holidays now and we’re interested to know what everyone’s doing about children and visiting public places with them. Have you found them to be agreeable to wearing masks/snoods with no fuss? Have you found for younger ones (masks not recommended for under 3’s) that there could be ways of making it more fun and if so, we would love to hear your best tips.

These super cute masks from Little rescuers are perfect for your little monkeys!

Or will your wild one channel their inner tiger to be protected in style!

Our friends at little rescuers are selling these bright and colourful masks at just £5.99 and i think anything we can do to make this crazy time a happier one and make protecting ourselves and others fun, is great right now. Designed by the groups mascots: Tumbles the tiger and Grumbles the gorilla they are an awesome starting point for a super summer, all you need now is to plan your days out, oh and remember your brolly (you know what summers are like here!)

we love supporting our little businesses so this has been written to tell you all about them, but my views are my own.

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