Anti aging for skin in your 30’s with No7

Enjoying the skin you’re in.

Lets face it ladies, our skin is not the same as it used to be in our teens and twenties, it’s changed a bit and so have our lives. There are a lot more demands on us now a days everything from work, family and the environment we inhabit ( pollution, harmful sun damage) and sometimes great skin feels such a lifetime ago. I am determined to find a solution, a way to bring back some of our youthful glow whilst also caring for our skin and giving it what it needs now. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside Boots and their amazing products (mainly the protect and perfect range) i have heard about them before but never put them to use…until now! I had yet to find a moisturiser that was thick and rich enough to really nourish and penetrate my skin (not just sit on top of it) but this amazing day cream has been a bit of a game changer. Its hypoallergenic and has SPF 15 and its been so wonderful to use and feel like it’s doing what I need it too. Also for the first time (honestly that I can remember) i don’t mind my bare faced skin first thing on a morning i’m not actually horrified by it! You know what i’m saying. I actually think without make up these products have made a real change.

The protect and perfect serum has long been the go to product for many in the anti ageing market. I have wrinkles on my brow and am always moaning about them having tried botox in the past I would love a less pricey and better for you alternative which I think is this serum! It glides on like a dream and gets to work on pesky wrinkles leaving fresher skin appearance in it’s wake! result!

No7 Serums are designed to be used underneath your moisturiser to help them penetrate deeper into the skin.

  • You can use morning and evening as part of your daily skincare routine.
  • First you cleanse skin thoroughly (if you have the bathroom to yourself it’s a bonus!)
  • You gently smooth serum into your face and neck.
  • Apply Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Eye cream too if you like (next on my list!)
  • Then you moisturize using Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Day or Night cream (see above, I adore it!)

Finally make up wise I have tested out the protect and perfect all in one foundation I requested an everyday light foundation which is precisely this!) and the lash impact ultra mascara (gold and glittery packaging? i’m in!) The foundation is great for those just wanting something natural (there are still some of us who do sorry all under 25’s!) we grew up wearing tinted moisturiser and this is a more long lasting substitute perfectly blending in and giving me no other colours than my own skin (amazing!) The mascara is thick and rich with no clumps to be seen. I love it for an everyday look and also just add more to create more intensity for a night out (well I say night out I haven’t had one yet post lockdown!) my main experience with testing out the products has been really positive and i’ll definitely be taking a trip to a No7 counter a bit more often to find out what suits me.

I have been working with Boots No7 but all views are my own.

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