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Fun ways to get your kids to clean their teeth!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it can be a bit of a battle with very young kids when it comes to teeth brushing. You’ve both had a long tiring day, bath time has been and gone, and now the bedtime ritual begin starting with teeth brushing. As babies and toddlers need a little help with this you’ll be pleased to know that it gets a fair bit easier and as children get a bit older they love the independence of brushing their own. This can be really easily achieved with a few pointers. This brush by Colgate has a fun design that’s guaranteed to raise a grin, a battery operated tooth brush is a great way of ensuring more areas of the mouth can be reached and cleaned thoroughly and kids will find it fun to use too. Here’s a few tips that I think help promote good oral hygiene in kids and make this time fun for all, feel free to message me yours.

  1. Smile while you’re brushing! Make it an activity that children can enjoy rather than a chore. Lots of praise and positive vibes!
  2. Use an egg timer or timing device to make sure children are brushing for the right time (it sure beats nagging and they’ll love to do it all by themselves.
  3. There’s always lots of choice of toothpaste so if your child is not keen on the taste of traditional flavours you can always find other options out there. Also a fun character toothbrush will make teeth brushing more appealing to young children.
  4. Make sure you keep up on dental appointments and make oral hygiene part of all of the family’s routine.

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This product was gifted to me by Colgate but all views are my own.

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