Murder mystery fun all from the comfort of your sofa!

The Tall tales team are assembled…are you ready to predict whodunnit?

It’s your last chance to see Tall Tale’s favourite murder mystery plot, Murder & Sparkling Wine and it’s happening really soon, Saturday July 4th in fact.
We step back to the 1930’s and become the special guests of Lord Jolyon Jape at his father’s birthday party. Unfortunately his father died three days before his birthday but Lord Jape and his new bride are still going ahead with the bash!
With an unexpected guest, a Russian ballet dancer who doesn’t seem to be all he claims and a body in the library we think this party will be murder.
And as family secrets come tumbling out our shady suspects will do all they can to convince you of their innocence.
Tickets are £10 per household for this charming but funny murder mystery plot. For more details about their upcoming events check out all the info at the link below. I’ll be reviewing the party and let you know what we thought on here next week so keep checking back!

Our verdict: So the family gathered at my laptop with snacks and drinks and pen and notebooks at the ready. We felt like we had been invited into someone’s home ( albeit a very posh stately home belonging to Lord Jape) and it was great to listen to the introductions from the lovely host Sara about how to play along. As the evening progressed we got to meet the fun characters involved in the storyline and at different points we got placed in zoom chat rooms to discuss with other players and have a private chat and interrogation of the characters. This was brilliant fun and the characters were so well rehearsed, full of humour and brought such a great feel to the experience. We particularly loved Nikolai Leipoff the brilliantly eccentric Russian ballet dancer character and Lord Jape’s daughter Gayle Forth was so enthusiastic and brought the piece to life so well. You kind of forget they aren’t real people for the most part. It was just such a great way to gather the family together and experience a unique kind of night and i would highly recommend it. For only £10 per household it’s super bargainous too don’t miss out! There are lots more mysteries being held throughout the summer.

who dunnit?

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