Little rescuers: empowering kids with valuable first aid skills!

How many times have you been about to get round to things over lockdown? here’s me thinking we would have so much time when in fact the time just whizzes by doesn’t it. One of these thoughts I’d had a while back about my own children is that it would be such a good idea to train kids from a young age in first aid. Wouldn’t it be amazing for them to be able to react calmly and confidently in a crisis. I know mindfulness groups for children are a thing now, but what if something happened to you as a parent, would your child know what to do in an emergency? It’s easy to say they would just dial 999 (perhaps they’ve been ready ever since watching a certain famous cartoon fireman at work) but would they in reality know how? could they access your phone/pin number easily? have you a house phone installed? would they be able to cope with a situation without being upset and could they talk to an operator over the phone giving the vital information that would help.

Caroline Davies has put this amazing notion into action. She started 5 years ago by teaching  parents life saving skills, equipped with  16 years experience as a Paramedic and a new baby in tow. Soon, with this award winning formula, Caroline created Little Rescuers which focuses on early years, keystage 1 and keystage 2 children  (3-11 years ) using music, experiential learning and lots of fun to get the message across in a way youngsters will engage with. Caroline has even written a book to help children understand COVID 19 and put together downloadable resources so you can work through some of the programme with children at home (brilliant for lockdown or a summer holiday activity). We have tried some of these and we found the worksheets great and they really kept my seven year old interested. The first week is free too!

Teaching skills for life and life saving!
For more information on how to empower your child with some life saving skills check out the website and facebook page here:
fun for all ages!

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