Say pants to periods!

Some of my first memories of periods as a teenager weren’t good ones. The dread of PE lessons (especially swimming), the worry about whether bulky pads would show through clothes and the absolute fear of starting my period unexpectedly. The struggle was real! If only period pants like these amazing ones from WUKA had been around then, I would have had no need to stress at all. Vegan society registered and made from soft organic cotton, these seemingly ordinary pants have super powers! They’re stylish and comfortable and whilst wearing them you also can be feeling smug that you’re supporting the environment. Each pair of WUKA pants replaces 100 tampons and pads going to landfill and saves you money too. They are also machine washable at 40 degrees, you can wear for up 8 hours on lighter days and they’re also PFA free. You can purchase them from Sainsbury’s and Ocado but I have a link on here which will grant you 10% off below. Here’s to a happier ‘time of the month’ from now on!

Use the code WUKA-MANICMUMS for your discount.

I have been sent some items to review but these views are my own honest opinion on them. Anything making women’s problems a bit less of a hassle every month are welcomed by me!

The gorgeous featured photos of the models i’ve used on here are taken by WUKA,what fabulous photos encapsulating female empowerment! The product ones are by yours truly.

photograph taken by WUKA. Girl power or what!

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