York SU marketplace: your one stop shop for all the things you need, and the ones you don’t!

save your money for more important stuff!

As a student in an ever changing world, but usually an unchanging limited budget (beans on toast for tea again, sigh!) this new marketplace website offers you the chance to purchase everything from kitchen utensils to the latest tech simply and quickly navigated with just the click of a button. Run in partnership with the Student’s Union, (By Paperclip: The UK’s leading marketplace provider) it allows you to buy, sell and swap with others online. The marketplace is perfect for grabbing all your textbooks, bikes, clothes and event tickets as well as the slightly more obscure, but still important (fancy dress items, drinking game anyone?) In times where everyone is increasingly concerned for the planet the marketplace not only helps reduce waste and helps the environment but it can also save you a lot of dosh too! Not to mention it can actually make you some extra cash by selling your old items. It’s a no brainer! yusumarket.co.uk
Your free membership can also access you exclusive student deals and discounts for high street and online retailers just for signing up. How amazing is that! I remember my days a a student and we were always using our discount card wherever we could, and we never let a shortage of money stop our fun! I particularly love the free items page on the site, who can resist someone else’s unwanted items, one man’s trash is another’s treasure as they say! The deals and discounts section is great too, and you get Amazon prime just for joining which is a huge saving for all your online purchases!There are even courses available and groups you can join making it the perfect shopping and social experience too! So what are you waiting for? get yourself involved and rummage through those cupboards pronto! you’d be mad to miss out!

Paperclip are also providing all students with a Digital Welcome Pack in the absence of Freshers’ Fairs this year. It’s free and you can sign up to get discounts and freebies at: yourfreshers.co.uk

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