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Planning a day out to keep all of the family entertained can be stressful, even more so during the period of lock down and having limited choice. Keeping the immortal words of ‘I’m bored’ at bay is hard enough but throw in limits of what we can and can’t do and where we can and can’t visit and it becomes very difficult. Eric knows is an ingenious website which makes navigating family days out a doddle, and offers so much more than your standard events page. The page offers a simple guide to days out whether it be a museum, a one off event, outdoors or indoors, far or nearby. It contains honest, useful and practical information whilst keeping a light-hearted and easily readable theme. The Eric knows mascot is a cute cuddly koala enough said! The site really takes into consideration inclusivity and through it’s pages you’ll find plenty of places to visit which are suitable for those with additional needs whether that’s a quieter venue for someone with autism for example. The page gives families all they need to know about suitability at a glance. There is so much more to discover with Eric!

Explore the wild!

For those of you who are fed up for seeing the same four walls and feeling cooped up at the moment, there is so much to be said for open spaces. Anyone with a small child is probably already familiar with their local park but we can make the great outdoors seem even more fun and exciting with a few little tweaks. Lunch ‘al fresco’ is always more interesting than eating at home, perhaps add a few teddies for a teddy bear’s picnic and bring along a cricket set/ bug hunting kit/jar for tadpoles/ football or beach ball and you’ve added another dimension to after lunch entertainment! A walk by the river can also be a great way to spend quality family time. Throw some stones in the water, fish for tiddlers or crayfish and collect some stones to paint later, little feet always love to splash in muddy puddles (just like a famous cartoon pig we are all too familiar with) and wellies are a must for a little toddle in the water too. Woodland walks are also brilliant for all the senses. Inhale that sumptuous pine air and pick up some tokens of nature (feel a bumpy pine cone, or use a stick as a pirate sword) let the children lead the way in play. Forests are always a great place to take photos of your intrepid explorers. The coast provides a fantastic day out for all ages with lots of great educational possibilities. Finding out what creatures live at the beach, building sand castles, collecting shells, creating art,and so much more. Sensory play has no limits with the opportunity for tiny toes to feel the cold sea making them squeal or feeling the sand between their toes, the smells, sights, sounds and even taste (fish and chips of course!) all make for some brilliant family memories to treasure.

With the importance of exercise being stated while staying at home for longer than we’re used to, why not grab your backpack and raincoat and get yourself outdoors to enjoy the wonderful scenery the UK has to offer.

This is a written article for Eric knows but all opinions are my own.

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