Moving house: does it have to be a headache?

With a recent online survey revealing that six out of ten people found moving house the most stressful event in their lives, the reputation of moving house certainly doesn’t conjure up fun and excitement. Whether it’s the endless phone calls back and forth to the estate agent, the pain of having people traipse through your personal space, the solicitor’s paperwork, or the living out of boxes for weeks, many of us find the whole experience really traumatic to say the least. But there is a light at the end of the moving tunnel at last, these tips are sure to help take the weight off your mind when changing your habitat. So swerve away from the sleepless nights and move straight into your new crib stress-free and raring to go.

Tip number one: Get someone to do the heavy work so you don’t have to. Everyone is different and so is their moving house budget, but sometimes it’s worth splashing the cash if it saves you a major drama and a removal company or a man with a van are able to shift everything in the space of a few hours. Think of all the relationship aggravation and horror this could save. And no damage to the house before it gets it’s new owner, plus no injury made to yourself or partner as you yell ‘pivot’ at each other whilst attempting to get the seemingly massive three piece suite out of the lounge.

Tip number two: Rope in some mates to help, if you have a great, reliable set of friends ( or as good as they can be anyway!) shout them a pint and get them pitching in. Many hands make light work and you could always combine social life with decorating and organise a painting party when you move in too! Just remember that they may ask you to return the favour when they move, so be prepared!

Tip number three: choose a solicitor/estate agent that has been recommended by someone who has navigated their whole moving process with that company. A cheap or flashy deal might seem enticing but a personal recommendation is always worth listening too and could save a lot of aggravation and stress in the long term.

Tip number four: put together a little hamper for your first night in the new pad, items such as a bottle of your favourite wine/beer, some yummy snacks, condiments and sweet treats will perfectly come in handy. Lets face it after a long day slogging away you don’t want to have to root around boxes to find your cooking stuff. Failing this a take out meal also does the trick nicely and is somewhat of a tradition in our family whenever we have moved. It’s also a brilliant way to thank family members who have helped do the donkey work of the move too.

Tip number five: Don’t forget to take plenty of pics throughout your moving journey. Time flies so fast and it is wonderful to look back on the whole experience (even if parts of it are exhausting!) you’ll never forget your first house move, and it’s all a learning curve. If anything goes wrong try not to sweat it too much, you’re bound to get things right the next time…that is if you ever want to move house again! Hopefully with this article you’ll find it all a doddle and it won’t be half as trying as you once thought.

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