Adding some Schwartz spice to life

Sometimes I really lack inspiration for family meals especially when some of them are fussy eaters! Good job Schwartz came to my rescue and I used their italian herbs to create a tasty, healthy recipe the whole family enjoyed. I call this masterpiece: Feta and tomato cous cous. The recipe is so quick and simple with only a few ingredients needed including Schwartz Italian herbs to add some great flavour, olive oil, tomatoes, spring onion and cous cous ( I used a sachet of cous cous where you just add hot water and its ready in minutes, this is mainly for speed and ease at tea times as everyone’s always starving when they get in so its a bit of a race against time to get food on the table!)

Firstly I just prepared the cous cous and fluffed it with a fork whilst at the same time roasting the tomatoes which I popped onto a baking tray with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of rock salt (Would recommend keeping an eye on them or use a timer, would estimate that it took about 10 minutes) I chopped the feta and spring onions and then the tomatoes were ready mixed the ingredients altogether in a large bowl. The vital ingredient for me was a tablespoon of Schwartz Italian herbs to bring all the flavours together whilst adding the aromatic flavours of oregano, thyme, basil, parsley, sage, black pepper and bay leaves. The dish definitely looked appealing and served in a glass bowl, looked really colourful and vibrant. The versatility of this recipe is that it can be served hot as part of a main meal or cold as a side option to a salad, I also think it would be great with fish perhaps, or even added on top of a baked potato. As a dish popped on the table for a barbeque or party, this would be a fantastic addition.

Schwartz have so many varieties of herbs and spices and writing this has made me think I really should expand my range of family meals and try some new ones. I love being in the kitchen and with a helping hand from Schwartz it couldn’t be easier.

The finished meal, perfect for any occasion and it only took minutes to create!

The whole room smelt like Italy!What a difference it made to bring new life to an existing favourite like bolognaise.

This post was created with Schwartz who kindly sent me a sample to use in our family cooking 🙂 Lots more ideas feature on their website so you can have fun in your kitchen too!I am going to try making the tomato omelette next as it looks really yummy!

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