Blooming beautiful with Kerry’s floral creations…

My birthday has been this week and its mainly consisted of feeling under the weather unfortunately, but its also meant flowers, chocolate and wine which I look forward to enjoying when am feeling back to normal! I always think its such a shame when your fresh flowers start to wither, as I love flowers around the house especially on a special occasion. But an answer to this is of course artificial floral arrangements!

I admit that usually I think of artificial flowers as a bit outdated but when I received this beautiful girlie floral arrangement from Kerry I have quickly changed my mind. The colours are beautiful and I don’t have the worry of them every having to be thrown away so I reckon they’re pretty eco-friendly too (no more needing plastic wrapped fresh ones!)

I also love the gift box the blooms are presented in and that they are tied with a bow is lovely, very chic and Chanel no. 5 style. The color choices are minimalist so it would work in most interiors and there are lots of different colour choices available on Kerry’s page in flowers. I also think it would make a beautiful wedding bouquet if you were wanting flowers to last long after your wedding day. In this Instagram world in which we live in the bouquet could also be used if you were wanting to set up a prop area to advertise a product. All in all i’m really impressed and love my stunning roses, its always a treat receiving flowers and these beauties are no exception!

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