Disney On Ice 100 years of magic

I will admit that there were a few emotional moments watching Disney on Ice at the Utilita arena, Newcastle recently. I think perhaps its all the nostalgia and joy Disney brings to every age and for me, the main reason for my tears were the Disney Princesses (yes I just admitted that!) it just makes me remember being really little and believing Prince Charming would really come riding along on a white horse and whisk me away one day (of course this does really happen in real life doesn’t it?well kind of!) anyhow… I sometimes get off the subject! Basically Disney is celebrating 100 years of magic and this tour brings all your (and the kids) favourite characters from across the years to life to entertain and sing a long in this colourful spectacular!

Hello Mickey!

The whole atmosphere was electric as we took to our seats to watch the cast of Toy story, Finding Nemo, Mulan, Frozen and many more perform songs and dazzling ice tricks. It was made even more wonderful as we have never been before so didn’t know what to expect! I’m glad i insisted the kids wore their winter coats as I found it a little chilly (clue is in the name of the show I know!) but the show kept us engaged throughout and the young audience were absolutely glued to the stage! Next year Disney are presenting the magical ice festival (showing in certain venues across the UK) it looks fabulous!

Disney kindly gifted us some tickets and also some on our social as a prize so another family got to enjoy it too. We can’t wait to see their next show. For all the information on the tour visit:


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