Night fall: By the light of the moon- Stellar Projects

We are amazed and excited about the wonderful light of the moon event coming to our region at the beginning of December. With all the Christmassy events jam packed in our diary it is lovely to have one that’s so unique and is sure to capture the attention of all ages. There won’t be a candy cane or reindeer in sight! Celebrating 50 years of the moon landing, and including some moon myths and magic along the way, this breath taking event is a self led magical light installation trail through the grounds of the stunning Preston Park, Stockton. Stellar Projects who have created some spectacular cultural events across the North East are bringing us the chance to experience this. There is so much going on including family storytelling around the campfire, mulled wine and teepees, independent street food stalls, music and performance. Visitors are given the opportunity to see a kaleidoscope of butterflies, a sky full of stars and the awesome museum of the moon by Luke Jerram (a 7m tall moon installation to sit under and gaze up at!) Tickets are available on the website below and are £6 for standard tickets or £20 for a group/family of 4. The visits will be in time slots but visitors are free to wander and take in the atmosphere after the trail ends.

Night Fall is running over the first weekend of December 5th and 6th (4.30-9.30pm) and if any of the preview pics i’ve seen are to go by, you’re in for night out of this world! Perfect for both young space cadets and old, before the Christmas rush sets in book those tickets and prepare to be dazzled by this extraordinary event! Shout out to the wonderful Culture Vulture who has brought it to our attention, check out this lady she does some amazing things in our region.

There are also some fantastic volunteer roles up for grabs (more info on the night fall website) perfect for those interested in event management!

The setting of the event is Preston Park and somewhere we have worked with in the past. They have a packed events schedule and its definitely worth checking out. We love the Victorian street and traditional sweet shop and have spent many a summer day in the play area, one of the best near us!

We are working in collaboration with the Culture Vulture to help promote this wonderful event, as always do check all details before planning your trips. Happy space adventuring!

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