Jessica Warne: 7 days positive package

So when you were first experiencing the crazy exhausting days of motherhood, what would be the perfect present that anyone could have given you?Perhaps plenty came with cute baby clothes, flowers perhaps or if you were very lucky, a few microwave meals?! Out of the assortment of gifts were there any that were really helpful to the huge adjustment you were going through at that time?

In truth for me personally the presents were very generous and lovely but once all of the excitement faded out, the reality of having a newborn and feeling isolated (at times)was difficult. The package Jessica Warne offers is a 7 day programme of positivity for a new mother and this would have been so helpful to me at that time. Jessica’s soothing tones guide mums in exercises of relaxation and breathing. The exercises run alongside a lovely gift box that arrives for the new mum with all you need to go through the programme. I’m sure it would be wonderfully calming and helpful in those tricky first few weeks of mayhem.

I love the way the programme is achievable in 5 minute bursts, and can be done anywhere on laptop, phone or tablet. The box the materials come in is so pretty with rose petals inside and comes with bubbles, pencil and sheets of paper. I really felt when going through the weeks exercises a sense of purpose and motivation as well as feeling relaxed and not overwhelmed. I’m sure for a new mum all these activities would really benefit them and I felt it was such a thoughtful present and idea.

The programme is varied and I don’t want to spoil it for others but one example is:

Day 1: Jessica talks you through some breathing exercises (repeated throughout programme) and encourages some positive affirmations like ” I am the best mother my baby can have” and “Today I will do something that brings me joy”. I love the way that i’ts like having a small chunk of your day just dedicated to you as a new mum and remembering that despite how you feel sometimes, that you’re doing the best you can and that is enough. There are loads of other activities focusing on feeling judged as a new mum, relaxation techniques and even as simple as giving someone a hug to feel better!

I only wish the package was available to all new mums on the NHS! We all need to find time to reflect on what is a really busy time, but now my children are all a bit older I actually miss those crazy days ( although I wouldn’t be sitting here writing on a laptop a few years ago that’s for sure!) To find out more about the package (kindly gifted to us for a review) check out Jessica’s Facebook page:

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