Digital detox at Swinton Bivouac

Breakfast is delivered to your treehouse!

I am so very excited to be attending a digital detox and well-being retreat at Swinton Bivouac for 2 nights staying in a treehouse! The stay has a brilliant itinerary including sunrise silent forest walking, reiki drumming by the campfire and sound baths as well as a day to relax in absolute luxury at Swinton’s award winning spa. I have never been away on my own before in my life, so it will feel so surreal to embark on a solo adventure just for me. The idea is that you hand your phone in at the beginning of the stay and your accommodation has no electricity so you should feel recharged and relaxed being as one with nature away from distraction. Mental health issues are often my topics for discussion, and although blogging brings me such a lot of positivity, staring at a phone and laptop for hours can be a bit overwhelming at times. To take some time off social media etc would be really good for us all now and again.

Home for a couple of days!

I will pop a full review on here for you as soon as I have experienced it! For now over and out as away I step from the digital and into the forest I go….now where’s my drum?!

For all the information on the breathtaking Swinton Bivouac check them out on their Facebook page:


    1. Thanks so much Claire it was absolutely amazing! Loved every minute and will be publishing the full account on here this week ☺️wow I love Scotland too one of my fave places, am so happy to discover areas of Yorkshire had never been to before will definitely be back soon xx

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