School shoe shopping

Now if there’s one thing I thoroughly detest about the end of the summer holidays, it has to be the struggle and turmoil of school shoe shopping. I’m not sure whether it’s the warm, stuffiness of the shop full to the brim with despondent children facing up to the fact that 6 weeks of fun are nearly over, or the sighing of parents putting their hands in their pockets for severely overpriced shoes that may have been outgrown in the next few months. It may well be a combination of the above, but what also doesn’t help is the strong hatred of shoe shopping as a whole that my boys share. I am literally so stressed by the time the ordeal is over i’m literally praying the shoes will last them the whole year at least so we will never have to see a shoe retailer again.

I also speak about the trauma of when the shoes they do want don’t fit correctly and they have to…actually choose a pair that fits and won’t maim/disfigure their feet in these impressionable years! I have been known to sit on one of those brightly coloured seats silently praying to the Clink’s lady that the Lelli’s will be the perfect fit as I know what will ensue if they don’t! The boys enjoyment of shopping has never grown since they were tiny tots and positively hated being imprisoned in their pushchair while I counted down the minutes dashing to do essential town jobs until they either went to sleep (Miracles can happen!) or we had to abandon the mission.

The fish tank is still a feature…Think it has been entertaining kids since the 80’s!

The ticket dispenser of doom is still the same as I remember as a child from the 80’s. That eternal wait for your turn in a horrendously busy shop featuring numerous squawking toddlers and sour faced siblings, where every hopeful parent listens out for the shout of that number knowing their time here is limited. So pray tell me, how do we end the shoe shopping misery and get a positive shopping experience. I have tried to be organised and got things in sales just for a child to inconveniently grow and not fit them 😉 and i’ve also tried internet shopping and accidentally ordered a toddler size instead of a junior size so perhaps I will just have to put on my best brave face and wait for that number to be called! Any tips would be welcome!

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