The lost gardens of Heligan

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The lost Gardens of Heligan are some of the most famous in the country and we were really excited to explore them. The day started early to try and fit in as much time here as we could and the children marched ahead with their own maps and booklet which was great at keeping them interested! The gardens are an amazing mixture of the tropical (called the jungle and it grows bananas!), a farm, woodland walks, Victorian productive gardens and pleasure grounds. There are play areas around each corner too, the whole set up makes for an unusually magical and captivating place for all ages. We brought a picnic with us and there were plenty of amazing places to sit and enjoy the views.

One of the best times we spent here was the beautiful wildflower fields and we ended up choosing here to have our lunch and take in the beautiful scenes. The children enjoyed seeing the bee observatory and watching a colony at work and surrounding us as we ate lunch was the buzz of loads of bees landing on the colourful patchwork of wildflowers. It was stunning.

The amazing wildflower fields at Heligan!

Set around 200 acres the lost gardens were named just that because of them being discovered hidden under weeds and them being restored to their glory for tourists to enjoy. Its strange to think that the team of gardeners who once worked here in the 1900’s left to fight in the great war and the gardens were sadly left neglected for many years until they were brought back to life again. The attention to detail and the love in restoration can be felt all around the gardens. We enjoyed a chat with one of the team who was only too keen to recommend different things to grow ourselves up North. We also took a chance to buy some potatoes grown in the immense plot and very nice they tasted too! After a very long walk we sampled some amazing ice cream rhubarb and caramel for me (so fresh and tasty!) which was just the ticket for cooling off in the heat.

The lost gardens are open every day except Christmas so lots of chance to see it whenever you are travelling in this area! We were so glad we did and the play areas were enjoyed by all the ages of children. Details of prices can be found on their website here:

The farm section of the gardens was really popular amongst our group and the girls loved the very tame sheep who was having a peaceful sunbathe when it got showered in attention!

Loads of different things to discover…..

Don’t wake the mud maid! After having seen this on TV shows, online and in publications it was great to see the wonderfully famous mud maid in real life! How she managed to stay sleeping when all of our lot walked past is beyond me! 😉

Our trip to these outstanding gardens was kindly gifted to us, but our opinions are our own.

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