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Now lying at the bottom of my priority list amongst my wardrobe choices, house tidiness and general sanity maintenance, is my hair…and my signature messy bun for school pick ups doesn’t always cut it these days. I also am quite partial to a headband to cover up root growth and dare I say it…the unwashed hair look (nice!) so when I had the chance to visit one of Darlington’s luxury hair salons I was very excited. Jackson Jackson Hair spa offers contemporary and affordable hair care in a central location.

Hair transformation thanks to the super talented Stephanie!
Before and after…what a difference!

I just love a trip to the hairdressers… for me the main plus points are:

  1. A chance for a good chat with a lovely person who makes you feel and look your best. Main topics including: holiday plans, nights out, Love Island, You tubers and why kids love them so much and life’s stresses. Perfect! Hair dressing therapy!
  2. Hot cups of tea..magazines and peace for a few hours.
  3. A pick me up for your hair to be transformed for summer
  4. Having your hair washed and a relaxing head massage..lush!
Prices shown here 🙂

I really was made to feel at home in this gorgeous salon. Steph always made sure I was happy with the colour and style every step of the way and really went the extra mile to help make the experience lovely and relaxing as well as me being really amazed with the results too. My hair has undergone a root stretch and is Balayage style (basically meaning colour is applied freehand and there is little maintenance required which is great for busy mums) and I love the way it looks naturally sun-kissed giving me a lighter look for summer. Now if only Steph would turn up at 8am at mine every morning so I could swish my hair on the school run every day… I can dream…*she puts on her hairband…;)

To contact Jackson Jackson Hair Spa, Larchfield street Darlington phone 01325 482395 or find them on Facebook below 🙂


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