Hot tub fun in the sun!

What better way to celebrate a 9 year old’s birthday than to invite your mates round and splash in your own hot tub after school?! Honestly kids nowadays have it sooooo good!…back in our day there was literally a party tea, bit of pass the parcel if you were lucky, jelly and ice cream and nothing much else blah blah! but anyway I am pleased that there is an affordable company in Darlington who can supply the tubs easily and keep the little monsters happy. DCH tub rentals came to our attention recently and delivered the tub promptly and did all the hard work for us. We hired from a Tuesday evening to a Friday morning and after setting up with a free delivery service the hot tub was good to go on Wednesday night literally no hassle at all. The kids had a blast and by Thursday evening we were ready for hot tub round two with friends from school! The water was filtered and clean even with 4 mucky boys jumping in it! The hot tub itself was brand new and of great quality and after we had got rid of the kids obviously me and husband had to try it out! What a lovely way after a hard days graft to chill out in the tub and look at the stars!! (We know how to live!) it made me think that maybe next time it would be great idea to hire it for a girl’s night in…brilliant! (Sorry husband!)

Here come the boys! What a perfect way to cool off in the summer or warm up in winter!

When your brother and his mates finally get out the tub! #bigbrotherproblems

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