Finally! A children’s own hair to my ears!

So last week we took a trip to get birthday boy’s hair cut (you know, so he looked smart on the pictures!) having three children, I think that at any one time there’s always one who looks messy in some way and this usually applies to son number 2! So happily I have discovered a place that we can come to that’s not only affordable, but extremely child friendly and makes the task of hairdressing child’s play. The salon specialises in hair cuts from babies to teens so all ages welcome too 🙂

So for the mere sum of £12 I can get a 9 year old’s hair trimmed with no fuss and aggravation…..bonus! I so often find the whole experience of getting your child’s hair cut traumatic especially if its an after school hair appointment which usually = kids tired and ratty/you’re tired and ratty/parking a nightmare/ clash with after school hobbies/ your sanity tested etc etc so it was great to know that Bob and Lilly’s is there and it was easy to park on Grange road for the princely sum of one whole English £1! No hassle at all!

Hair today, gone tomorrow….brilliant!

For little ones there is the added fun element of having 2 cars for them to sit in whilst having their hair sorted which I think is such a fab idea! Businesses like this one in our town need regular support I reckon, and if it makes parenting life easier I am so all for it!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about parenting, it is that bribery is the way forward for most situations and for haircuts there is no exception! A sticker and a lolly a day keeps the hairdressing grumbles away!

The loyalty scheme means that the 6th haircut is cheaper too…bonus!

Mel really did make the whole experience so easy if you’d like to pop and see her soon go for it!

For more info Bob and Lilly’s are on Instagram and Facebook or call: 07771892548

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