Junior Warrior 2019!

Today was a day of driving an hour to run a 3K run with obstacles and a lot of mud! Of course it was, why wouldn’t anyone want to do this on their precious Sunday morning?! I’m always trying to find ways of bonding with the boys; which is kind of difficult sometimes as I’m not always a fan of the same things i.e. funny you tube fail videos, gaming and songs/dances related to gaming…but one thing I do enjoy now and again is a walk in the countryside (usually followed by Sunday lunch in a cosy pub after if i’m honest) and even though this was definitely no walk in the park it did definitely get us moving a lot more quickly than our usual Sundays!

After embarking on Muddy Mayhem last year I did say to myself a definite never again but I made the mistake of bringing the kids to cheer me on at the sidelines and this meant they all made me promise I would take them along next time ha ha! (Its always the Mother’s fault!) But joking aside I actually felt really proud of how they got on. They are only 8 and 12 and this course is not for the faint hearted! Set in Wetherby along a tough terrain of mud/hilly grass/woodland this course challenges even the competitive parent (of which I can confidently say I’m not!) and whilst a fellow entrant aged 6 lost her shoe in the mud and cried my heart really did go out to her! This mud was not the type a smiley Peppa pig happily splashes in, it was of the thick, put a foot in it and you can’t move variety and there was no way I was losing one of my new running shoes into its gloomy depths! The 8 year old took an early lead from the start and I was most surprised at how he paced himself throughout (not his Mother’s son!)

Some of the obstacles were called: Canopy climb, Slideaway and Muddy Mayhem, with one involving running uphill carrying 2 logs, whilst another meant jumping into a skip of muddy water! (brrrrrrr….)

The whole event is so well organised with car parking a doddle (although a cost of £5) and there are loads on site: foodstalls/toilets/showers/changing rooms/shops/ entertainment/kids play areas (£5 charge) etc it really was a buzzing atmosphere and the support from the crowds cheering us on was lovely: You could tell we were in Yorkshire! The run ended with a jump and run water slide which the kids thought was the best thing ever! We may all smell like a swamp and most definitely counting the bruises tonight but what a rush! Total Warrior we’ll be back to fight another day soon!

For more info and to sign up for an event soon go and check out the page:


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