The bride who wore black….

The bride who wore black….

When we think of black wedding dresses (or search for them on popular search engines) we predictably come up with a mixture of pics of Lily Munster, The Corpse bride, The Woman In Black and Halloween fancy dress, sigh. But now black dresses are staging a revival and come in all styles suiting all ages. It was once said that a bride who wears black is someone who wants to flaunt popular convention and picks black to show her rebellion against tradition. In Spain women choose to wear black on their wedding day to symbolize they are being faithful until death.
According to many sources black is here to stay and one person I interviewed stated that ‘ The bride who wears black does not look back’ as she explained more about her Halloween inspired nuptials later in the year. So as we know there are many rules to follow in the wedding etiquette world, but what if all you want to do is break them all instead. How do you ensure that your special day incorporates your individuality but conveys the true meaning of love and romance. How do you go less of whats expected and more of the unique….
I have come up with these considerations to ensure your wedding is dark and full of secrets but still rides high in the style stakes…

  1. Theme your wedding on a key item and the rest will follow…say, choose some dark purple lillies (think gothic romance) and then match/non match to your colour scheme/bridesmaids or do you know what….throw out the rule book and clash clash clash! dark pinks/purples/vivid or classic red tones all complement darker colours beautifully.

2. Accessorise! Veils and netted black masks as well as intricate hair wreaths look stunning with rich toned gothic gowns

3.Use historical fashion as your influence and give it a modern shake up… taffeta, corsets, fishtail skirts, silk and organza…whatever floats your boat from past times add glimpses of silver/emerald green/red perhaps, or embrace black in all its glory. Netting adds depth and drama and these Hause of O numbers are a change from the norm with a very modern twist.

4. Backdrop is everything… A stunning black dress is made even more dramatic with where its photographed. This backdrop of a cornfield makes the black pop against its lightness and makes for an impactful result! I also love the idea of throwing in powdered paint to contrast against the black (I reiterate…who needs a white dress again?!)

Hause of O

3. Last of all, sometimes going against convention can be nerve-wracking but what is clear about weddings is that you have got to plan for the day that most reflects YOU. If you’re more of a Helena Bonham Carter than a Kate Middleton then do your thing in all your gothic glory. Plan the alternative wedding of your dreams and dance your way to the dark side. Judging by the stunning choices available i’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

credit: Hause of O

I am pleased to say this magazine article is printed in the Alternative wedding magazine North East and is my first magazine piece. If anyone is interested in me writing them something please contact me on:

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