Footprints on the farm…

We were delighted to be sent this charming book right in time for our trip to the Yorkshire country show which also featured lots of animals for us to spot! My little girl enjoyed taking this book along to help her find them which made the trip even more fun! Written by Rachel Coverdale and illustrated beautifully be Shelly Oyston the book features a photo bombing snail, as well as activities and a colouring page. I loved the way there was lots of room for interaction and a page for the children and grown ups to introduce the concept of the book.

The book is perfect for a day out on the farm or to enable a discussion with children and would say the story was for ages 18 months and up with the activity section probably suiting 2-6 year olds. It was great to include information about the country code and I think schools would love it to accompany a topic they were looking at.

Lots of discussion and activities to delight!

I liked the part where you can pop a photo of your child in the frame or a mirror inside. This is a great idea to help teach little ones about self awareness and ties in with PSHE objectives at foundation stage of learning. Altogether we did use the book when we were out for the day so would recommend this lovely traditional read. The illustrations are lovely and detailed and the story is the right length to ensure the children are kept interested. A gorgeous read.

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  1. Aww thank you so much for your lovely review! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it, especially the extra little activities at the end. How fun to go to the Yorkshire Show – I used to go there when I was very young! 🙂

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