A date with the Vikings…Kynren 2019!

Kynren: An epic tale of England launched on the 15th June

There are so many words I can use to describe the experience of Kynren..and oh my, is it an experience. Having seen it last year my husband and 8 year old were the attendees this time. A show telling the story of the North East in all its historical magnificence; Kynren is in its fourth season having previously been inundated with awards and praise and awarded by TripAdvisor as in the top 3 performances to see. 8,000 seats line the amazing outdoor stadium and wherever you sit it feels like you live and breathe history with action packed sword fighting, animal parades, dancing and music all around you. Not to mention fireworks and visuals, Kynren is a treat for the senses in every way.

As soon as you enter the site you are immersed into history from the get go, and the new additions of a Viking village for 2019 as well as an animal croft, a 1940’s food village and Georgian shop really add to this feeling. A cookhouse, veggie patch, woodworker’s cottage and Blacksmith’s forge now add to the time travel experience. My son was thrilled to be seated in the centre of the seating area and said they were really comfy ( we were slightly concerned with the weather being iffy but they both said it hadn’t mattered at all) and they had brilliant views of all the action.

Tickets range in price from £25-£59 with teen and children’s tickets having £10 off adult prices. Toddlers up to age 3 are free if sat on lap. The times the show starts may seem late to some but the magical feeling of it starting in daylight and ending in starlight is not lost and adds to the atmosphere greatly. It ranges from 19:30 to 21:30 start. My husband recommends layering up on the clothes and dressing for the weather as it does get a bit nippy later on.

The show itself lasts 90 minutes without an interval and the run continues into the middle of September so plenty of time to catch it. Kynren definitely brings a sense of unification and pride about the North East and I personally think we’re so lucky to have such a spectacular show with us. I also think it is incredibly vital that we keep our stories going to the next generation and Kynren brings these to life in such an exciting and captivating way for all ages. Last word from the 8 year old:

‘It was absolutely EPIC!’

Kynren tickets on sale at: https://www.kynren.com

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