Take that’s greatest hits 2019 1/6/19

The day i’ve been waiting for… for like…forever!!! Take that hit Boro stadium for a one off concert celebrating 30 years of being a band. Take that have been part of mine and a lot of people my age’s lives. I have indeed liked them since they began and I was the wise old age of 10! Myself and my middle sister would recreate the dances, pine for the Take that dolls ( never did get one sob!) and sing the songs in the bunk bed that we shared (the bottom bunk was turned into ‘Take That Cabin’ and decked with a ka-zillion posters!: we formed TTclubs, collected TT cards, wore TT pjs and t-shirts, we used to be young for gigs back then but have made up for it since seeing all of the recent tours bar one ( I was in labour the day tickets got released!!) you could call it a slight obsession!

The Take That three….Mark, Howard and Gary B set the stage alight and proved they still have it all. Really loved hearing Mark in Shine and Howard’s iconic Never forget!

Howard Donald rocking out! Can’t believe how good they all still look, although think they’ll always look in their 20’s to me!

Lulu still proves she is the Queen in Relight my fire! The B stage was where we got to be up close and personal with the band and gave the standing fans a great view (when people stopped getting over friendly with their i phones!)

Lovely to have day out at Boro with the middle sis…with her is where this boy band crush all started, way way back in the early 90’s….. when we were growing up..some things change and some don’t…happy memories remain of all the fun we used to have when we were young…love ya sis

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