I am so many things

I am so many things is a lovely company started in 2016 inspired by a list of ‘ I am’ statements that an inspiring lady called Thea would speak to herself over and over to become the fullest and freest version of herself. The book is full of super cute illustrations with snippets of advice and aspirations (mine is the girl version which I am looking forward to gifting to my daughter) statements such as ‘ I am full of colour’, ‘I am an over comer’ ‘I am a joy bringer’ it is truly a beautiful book for those who are aiming to promote the Christian faith and values to a child. The bottle and reusable cup are so useful and eco friendly I love their bright colour and simplistic yet impactful design. I can’t wait to put them to good use.

Inspired quotes…

Love the quotes throughout 🙂

This is particularly one that stood out as good advice 🙂

Love the simple but powerful drawings and messages conveyed throughout 🙂

Just can’t wait to use the products out and about, at work/school run/events etc. The travel mug is perfect for when i’m on the go at an event and don’t have time, and is so much more convenient than a flask! And the bonus of it being a bamboo eco cup and GoReusable is brilliant too so I can have my cuppa knowing i’m doing no harm to the environment too 🙂

Love the simple yet strong design! Its already been noticed at work and online with people asking where they can purchase!

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