Bingo Boogie!

The craziness of Bingo Boogie has to be experienced to be believed and no words on this blog can really sum it up..but here goes ha ha! So a madcap team of guys bring their unique take on the classic activity that is bingo… but double that with dancing to 90’s/00’s cheesy classics/daft antics/ dares and mad prizes and you have all the elements for a fun night out! For only £10 a ticket you’re in for a laugh a minute evening and the bingo prizes on offer range from a tray of pot noodle to a life size cut out of Jeremy Kyle! (and you can guess who won that!one of my friends!!) I think what the guys have created is genius, you have all the fun of a girlie night and its hilarious watching the guy’s characters interact and engage with the audience from the beginning. We didn’t know what to expect but it was such a great night…shouldn’t all nights out include space raiders being thrown at you while dancing, sing offs and winning a giant cut out of Jeremy Kyle?! Check out Bingo Boogie on facebook for all their touring dates! Its not for the faint hearted or the prudes, but definitely brings a new dimension to your standard night out!

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