Beautiful Kiplin

Lovely, if not a tad wet outing to the wonderful hidden treasure that is Kiplin Hall near Scorton. Myself and the clan had a walk around the extensive gardens, the kids played and no one noticed the rain at all! The hall itself has many volunteers who tell visitors about the people and items that reside there past and present and were only too happy to talk to us and engage the children. There is a gorgeous little tea room and all around there are lots of interactive elements to get the children involved. Dressing up as Victorian is always a winner! There was a special event of orienteering held and because of the weather my brother in law took part in this while we went inside. He loved the way that there was a team of volunteers to help get you started and he said the views on the way were fantastic. The trail around the lake leads right around the house to a private play area and whilst the kids get to let off steam they also can learn the connection of the themed play to the history of this stunning place. Really easy to get to from Darlington and somewhere thats easily poppable to on a rainy or fair day we give Kiplin a massive thumbs up.

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