Jabberwocky market and Luxi creative

I was honoured to be invited as a guest reviewer to the many wonderful shows available to see during the Jabberwocky Market season. I try and squeeze as much theatre as I can into my life but the realities are that it can be hard with small children in tow. I am lucky that I am able to go and see at first hand amazing quality shows and write them up for the company. My first show was ‘Now is the time to say nothing’ ( 11th-13th April )and it was the story of a Syrian refugee called Reem. The cleverness of this piece was that you enter a room and sit on an armchair with a TV screen infront of you. You place headphones on and the show begins. You follow instructions on the screen and embark on a journey of many refugees in the words of Reem. It was a very humbling but powerful production and the experience has stayed with me. Next was the turn of the expressive ‘Juliet and Romeo’ (20th April) Lost dog’s new show which revealed the real story of the tragic pair…it turns out though they didn’t die in a tragic misunderstanding but they grew up and lived happily ever after…or did they? the blend of dance, comedy and theatre was a winning formula in this moving and beautiful tender piece.
‘Tensile Strength’ (4th May) was about the feeling of when everything becomes too much and explored different characters experience with stress. I felt that Holly Gallagher gave a stellar performance whilst continually engaging with the audience and asking them for their contribution. It was a wonderful uplifting and thought provoking show. I loved it!
Hope I will be able to continue this support for this amazing company bringing theatre to our town.

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